Nancy Pelosi Accused Trump Of “Flirting”

Democrats have been trying to find anything they can that will help them destroy President Donald Trump. They want him out of office and will do anything to make that goal get here faster. We have seen the damage that the liberals can do. When faced with someone that they do not like, they get very aggressive and dangerous. First it was the lies, then it was the collusion and after that he obstructed justice and now it is the investigation. When will it end. And it seems like there are a few democrats in particular that are trying to get rid of him. Nancy Pelosi is one of those people. She has been a Trump hater ever since the beginning and it shows.

Nancy Pelosi should be kicked out of her position right now as there is simply no excuse for her behavior. She is an aging example of what is wrong with this country. There is no reason for her disgusting attacks against him and his family. She is wrong at every turn and we are starting to see what kind of a fool this woman really is.

Take a look at what she is saying now. This simply goes to far. “We do not know whether the president obstructed justice, but I know that he abused his power. I think the president needs a few good nights sleep or several maybe. He needs good legal guidance because clearly he is flirting with obstruction of justice.”

This could easily go down as one of the dumbest things this woman has ever seen and that says a lot. Pelosi is simply wrong. There is no proof that shows that Trump obstructed justice and democrats need to give up on this front.

“He clearly has abused power but that is a different story from obstruction of justice. And again, it is not about him. It is about the United States of America. It is about our electoral system.”

She has no idea what she is talking about and it shows. At this point, they are just saying thing that sound good for other liberals because they are all lies.

(h/t Conservatives 101)