O’Reilly: President Trump Is Engaged In A War With The Media, But He Will Win

Many thought that Bill O’Reilly will put an end to his career, but he is back again. O’Reilly has enough experience to recognize the truth. The former Fox News host was a victim of a smear campaign. Liberals united their connections, and removed O’Reilly from the network. But, he came back, and decided to tell the truth about President Donald Trump and his war with the mainstream media.

Liberals thought that the termination of O’Reilly will solve every problem they have. It seems like O’Reilly was too “right” for them. The alleged sexual harassment was the perfect excuse for the Murdochs to fire O’Reilly. However, the host decided to start of his own project, and it will be even bigger than Fox News.

O’Reilly knows that President Donald Trump deals with too many problems at the moment, explaining that the mainstream media is his biggest concern. The war between President Trump and liberal reporters will be a rather exhausting process, but we already know the winner. President Trump will definitely win, and O’Reilly confirmed it.

According to the former host, the leftist media is no longer searching for the truth in journalism. Liberal reporters are more interested in promoting the leftist ideology. We were well aware of this. The mainstream media never supported President Trump.

O’Reilly spoke about his opinion of President Trump. “I was straight with Trump and, in return, he was straight with me,” the host said, while adding that he covered the President fairly, and even criticized him when he “felt it necessary.” O’Reilly told the President that the national press will attack him “in very personal ways.” We knew that this would happen, and O’Reilly predicted it as well. President Donald Trump was probably unaware of the danger. He didn’t think that liberal reporters would go this hard on him.

President Trump will find a way to deal with this criticism. Americans will give him a hand, because we all crave for the truth. We don’t need the liberal nonsense anymore. It’s time for some major changes.

What do you think about the comments Bill O’Reilly made? Do you agree with him?

(h/t The Hill)