Polish Crowds Gather For Trump Arrival

President Trump is working hard for all Americans right now despite what you are hearing from the liberals and their media. He and his family are beloved around the world and it shows when he goes on official visits. Crowds of people line up to see him and his family get there. Finally we have a First Family that we can be proud of in the White House. Under Obama we had to be ashamed of what we had for so long. Those days are long gone.

When President Trump and his wife, Melania got to Poland recently they were greeted with nothing but love and thanks from the crowd.

Poland is famous for their stance on refugees. Have we taken notice of the fact that they have seen exactly zero terrorist attacks since then. Look at Poland compared to the rest of Europe and the difference is shocking. It is sad to see that President Trump receives more praise abroad than he does here in the United States. He deserves more respect than he is currently getting.

Melania should be happy to go back to a country that is very close to where she was born. She is said to know lots of friends in Poland so this could be a great way for her to get a little more involved. The love that is currently going on in Poland is a far cry from liberals in the United States. They are jealous of Trump’s power and are yet to even give him a chance. Until Democrats and Republicans can work together we will be trying to deal with political hate forever.

This is an important visit for the President and his wife as they have yet to come to Poland as the leaders of the United States. Hopefully they can have a great impact on the way things are run over there and maybe it could rub off here in the United States.

(h/t Twitter)