Polish Woman Creates Drawing For Trump

Liberals in the United States have been hating on President Donald Trump and his family pretty much nonstop since he took office and it is starting to get to him. As we have seen in the past weeks, President Trump finally decided to fight back against the ridiculous hate shown to him by the liberals and the mainstream media. The United States has turned into a breeding ground for hate and we are seeing why right before our eyes. The left, which loves to brag about being the loving and accepting side, constantly insults the Trump administration and family. And we have dealt with it in good spirits, most would venture to say. But when we see the people in another country treating them better than Americans maybe it goes too far.

That is exactly what we saw during President Trump’s visit to Poland recently. He and his family were met with huge crowds of supporters from the conservative nation. They have been big fans of his from the start and we see why. They know that the policies Trump wants to pass work as they have them in their country right now. They have been very tough on refugees and look how it turned out. Zero terrorist attacks since then.

But a women from Poland did something extra for the President of the United States. Even though she in no way needed to do anything like this, she thought this was an amazing way to show her appreciation for what he does. And it turned out stunning.

Look at this drawing! It is impeccable and there is no doubt that President Trump enjoyed getting a chance to look at it. This is amazing in every aspect because she went out of her way to do something for the President of another country. And as you can see from the sign, she spent an entire work week on it!

President Trump and his family have been thoroughly enjoying their time in Poland. What do you think of her drawing?

(h/t Twitter)