President Trump Announces Deal With Poland

President Donald Trump is doing some good work on his trip to Poland. He was met with crowds of people cheering when he and his wife, Melania Trump arrived late last night. Everything pointed to it being a very successful trip and thus far, it has been just that. It says a lot when President Trump receives more respect abroad than he does in the United States. We need to come up with a plan that will help him gain the respect that he so deserves. Trump and his administration has been working hard for every single American ever since he took office. But if you watch the mainstream media that is not what you would hear.

To them, he has been doing a horrible job. The main reason for this is the fact that they are far left liberals that disagree with everything he says because that is what they them to do. Now he is doing some great things abroad. Things that will help to make America great again. It has been reported by the Polish media that Trump just made a massive deal. Poland has just purchased the Patriot Missile Defense System from the United States in a move that has Trump’s name all over it.

This is great news and needs to be applauded by everyone in the United States. There is no reason for him to get attacked for this one as well. It was announced earlier in the year that Poland was planning to start an $8 billion relationship with the United States to help with their foreign policy.

President Trump noted in May that very few of the NATO countries met their spending limit on defense. Poland, on the other hand, is one of the few that does. That shows that they are serious about protecting their country from outside threats. We have seen what happens when countries take a lax position on immigration and other things. Just take a look at Western Europe and compare that to Poland. See a difference?

President Trump is doing amazing things for the United States of America. Do you agree?

(h/t Dennis Michael Lynch)