Scalise Is Admitted To Intensive Care Unit Again

The country was left in shock after James Hodgkinson opened fire at the Republican baseball practice in Alexandria, Va. Republican Rep. Steve Scalise of Louisiana was shot, and although his condition improved significantly, he was admitted to intensive care again. Four other people were shot in the incident, but Scalise suffered the most.

President Donald Trump condemned the shooting, and visited Scalise to express his support. Things like this should never happen, but Obama and his friends sort of encouraged people to “fight” for their rights. By “fight” they probably mean shoot and kill. Remember how Loretta Lynch said that “we need more blood, marching and death on streets?” Well, Hodgkinson took these words to a more violent level.

It’s absolutely shocking how people like Hodgkinson believe they have the right to shoot innocent people just because they don’t share the same political opinion. Scalise could have been killed in the attack. Did Hodgkinson think about his children?

Rep. Scalise felt better after the shooting, but doctors took him back in intensive care because of concerns for infection. “Congressman Steve Scalise has been readmitted to the Intensive Care Unit at MedStar Washington Hospital Center due to new concerns for infection. His condition is listed as serious. We will provide another update tomorrow, July 6,” the MedStar Washington Center stated.


Scalise went through multiple surgeries, but his condition went from fair to serious. This makes him the 17th member of Congress who was shot while in office.

According to the Federal Bureau of Investigation, Hodgkinson didn’t have a specific target, and the shooting is spontaneous.

This is one of the most terrifying attacks so far, and Americans are disgusted by the chaos Hodgkinson caused. We can’t allow things like this to happen, and President Trump will definitely find a way to prevent similar attacks. He promised to protect our country and the people who live in it.

What do you think about this information? Do you think Scalise’s condition will become worse? How will the case end? What reason did James Hodginson have to shoot at Republicans during their baseball practice?

(h/t CNN, MedStar Washington, Reuters)