Van Susteren: It Wasn’t Contract Conflicts

Liberals will never accept the fact that Donald Trump won the 2016 presidential elections, and now they’re doing their best to silence his supporters. The President’s opponents are unfairly treated, but the truth was always hidden behind the curtains. Greta Van Susteren decided to speak about her unpleasant experience at MSNBC, and the country was left in shock.

It was more than clear that liberals would do anything to remove opposition voices. We know that they stand for “free speech” and “tolerance,” but this is nothing but a vain attempt to attract people’s attention. The truth is much darker, and liberals are worse than you ever thought.

Greta Van Susteren was the latest target of liberals. The liberal network tried to pull out a story of their contractual conflicts, but the news veteran told the truth. Van Susteren said that MSNBC lied about her leaving, explaining that contract disputes were never a subject.

“It was not ‘contract conflicts.’ That is a fact,” Van Susteren tweeted. We knew that there was something shady in this story, but we never thought that MSNBC execs would do anything like this.

Van Susteren was part of Fox News for 15 years. She also worked at CNN, but everyone agrees that she spent too little time at MSNBC. She left the network after six months.

Many would agree that Van Susteren was cut out due to her refusal to cope with MSNBC’s anti-Trump policy. Van Susteren was more into balancing her approach to hot issues, and she never followed the anti-Trump regime of the network.

MSNBC is extremely liberal, and everyone knows it. It’s obvious that MSNBC execs receive orders from above. There’s no such thing as “breaking news” program. MSNBC tries to blast the President and his ideas. But, Van Susteren decided to speak, and the network got exposed.

It was about time that something like this happens. Van Susteren was brave enough to tell the truth, and we respect her for doing that.

What do you think about this story? Do you really think that Greta Van Susteren was fired due to contractual conflicts?

(h/t The Hill)