DHS Denies $400K Grant Reserved For Muslim Public Affairs Council Foundation

The Department of Homeland Security has some bad news for the Muslim Public Affairs Council Foundation, and we already know who will blast the President for doing this. Muslims across the country were left empty-handed, and we’re waiting for Obama’s reaction to this.

According to officials at the Department of Homeland Security, Muslims won’t get the $393,000 Countering Violent Extremism grant. Yes, this is the very same grant former Secretary of Homeland Security Jeh Johnson promised them.

This foundation had the only goal to get semi-segregated Islamic political communities and groups into the anti-terrorism “machine.”

This happened right before President Donald Trump cancelled the 2017 Islamic “Iftar” dinner. Democrats criticized the President for this decision, but they are ready to criticize every decision President Trump makes. Our leader knew that Obama’s legacy had to end, and this tradition was first on his list.

Muslims couldn’t wait for this “Iftar” dinner to be scheduled, because that’s their only tool to express their immense political power to other ambassadors of strong Islamic nations. Now we know the true origin of their anger.

This is not the first time Obama tried to give money to his Muslim friends. He was also trying to approve another $800,000 for the Islamic seminary in Los Angeles. This grant was dropped, too.

According to a DHS spokesman, the department has considered every key element and data provided by the applicants. Officials are trying to determine whether the applicants have already tried to conduct any prevention programs focused on violent extremism. The same applies to experience each of the applicants has.

Americans approve this, because we all know that President Trump is doing the right thing. We can only wait to see Obama’s reaction to this decision. He will definitely hate it.

What do you think about this information? Do you think the Department of Homeland Security made a good decision? How will former president Barack Obama react to this?

(h/t The Investigative Project On Terrorism)