George Bush Gets Special Birthday Message

Former President George W. Bush turned 71 years old today and it was met with many congratulatory messages on Twitter and Instagram. This man lifted up our nation during a time of war and suffering and helped us get through it as quickly as possible. Democrats hated this man for the things that he did which is one way to count how good he was for the country. This man served nobly for 8 hard years and did do much good for our nation. We cannot let his legacy disappear!

He is beloved in his home state of Texas and people took to Twitter to wish him a happy birthday.

Even Speaker of the House Paul Ryan joined in the birthday wishes. This is an amazing show of support for our former president who has done untold amounts of good for our people and our nation. The Bush family has been here for a long time and will continue to work towards making our country great again.

When you compare current President Donald Trump to George Bush, they definitely work in much different ways. That is not to say either one is wrong. These two are simply very different in the ways they go about their business. They do have a few things in common, however. They both know how to get things done. The two men work tirelessly to make this country great and there is a reason why they are so beloved. Trump took a lot from Bush and can give credit to Bush for a lot of the things that he has done.

Many times President Trump has come out in support of the former president and his policies. He has based a significant portion of his administration on what Bush did while in office.

Are you guys proud to see all of the love that is going around for our former president?

(h/t Western Journalism)