House IT Scandal Blowing Up

Democrats are currently trying to figure out how exactly a scandal of this magnitude could go completely unnoticed for almost 10 years. But that is exactly what happened when the Awan family from Pakistan was hired as IT specialists for the Democrats in the House of Representatives. The United States Capital Police are currently investigating exactly what happened but it is not looking very good. We already know that the family got away with a lot of classified information that they easily stole from computers as they had clearance.

But as time goes on, w are learning more and more about what exactly went on and what exactly they got while being the IT company for the Democrats. There are many things that we do not currently know. One thing that is quite obvious, however, is that these are very shady people. They operate in shadows and are hiding something big. It looks as though this is a very powerful family back in their home country which could answer a few of the big questions.

They own a lot of rental properties in Virginia and apparently only want to be paid in cash. This raises many questions. One, the family shows no signs of obvious wealth. It seems like if they owned so much property they might be making some money. But from what it looks like, that is not the case. There are some very criminal things going on within the family and we need to get to the bottom of it.

From 2009-2017 the family was paid in total, over $4 million from the House of Representatives. That is a large sum of money. Another questionable thing about this whole thing is the fact that only one of the family members was doing the work. Authorities have now started to look at whether or not they funneled money overseas in order to hide their earnings. They have gotten in trouble before for things like tax fraud.

Investigators need to get to the bottom of this scandal so that we can move onto things that are more important. This family needs to go to prison.

(h/t Daily Caller)