Liberals Come Out With New Idea

There are very few things that liberals are good at. The politics in the country is being overrun with liberal hate and it has officially gone to far. A good example of it going too far would be the Alexandria shooting. A liberal man, who idolized the teachings of Bernie Sanders, opened fire on a GOP baseball practice injuring many people in the process. There has to be a change in the way we do things because there is no reason for the hate that is currently being spread. But liberals do not care, and that is proven by their new decision. It will completely shock you.

The left wants to raise the crime rate in the United States, apparently. Or at least that is what it seems like. They want anyone who has a gun free home to change their porch light to a red bulb. How dumb can they be? It seems obvious that this will not do anything except make it even more likely their house will be broken into.

This is supposed to be liberal activism but in reality, they are hurting themselves more than they are changing the world. The do not understand that there are laws in the United States for a reason and this will do nothing but hurt them and the people around them. Obviously they want to push for stronger gun laws, even if that is not what the vast majority of people want.

But they are liberals and that is what they do. They have no boundaries for what is right or wrong and are only interested in pushing their agenda. They have the mainstream media to back them up on that. This could very easily be one of the worst ideas they have ever come out with. It seems like they would know better than to do something completely idiotic like this.

We have seen the damage that liberals can do to this country. Barack Obama was a good indication and Americans obviously don’t want that again. What do you think about this new theme that the liberals are currently showing?
(h/t Conservative Fighters)