Melania Sits Next To Putin At G20 Summit

Liberals are officially losing it right now after they saw that First Lady Melania Trump was sat next to Russian President Vladimir Putin. President Donald Trump and his wife got separated at this time and did not sit next to each other. The media has been eating it up as if Putin tried to rob the first lady. But nothing happened and the two talked sparsely. The only reason this is a big deal at all is because of the history between Trump and Putin which likely is nothing at all. It has been blown up by the media as a way to disrupt the Trump administration. So far they have been utterly worthless and there is really nothing to worry about.

Our First Lady is full of dignity and class and there is no reason for the attacks that she has been receiving from the left. In fact, she has been working very hard for all Americans, not just conservatives. At first, she seemed rather timid in filling the role of America’s First Lady. But since then, she has filled in the role perfectly well and is only getting better.

That is why we can finally be proud of the family that we have in the White House. The Obamas were an abomination and deserved to be nowhere near the hallowed home. Every day we are seeing why they were hating so much across the world.

The couple has been having to deal with massive protests that have broken out in the German city of Hamburg. These protests are mostly about Trump being there in the first place but are being advertised as clashes between the governments and the people. But really that is not what is wrong. These are liberals that are pouting about losing power all over the world. Finally, countries all over the world are seeing what they need to do to stop the terrorism that is running rampant. And Trump was the start of it all.

(h/t NBC)