President Trump Is Taking First Lady Melania To Slovenia

President Donald Trump is one of the most caring people in the US. He promised to make America great again, and Americans will finally have the chance to live a better life. First Lady Melania is lucky to be the wife of such a great man. The President’s latest surprise for his lady is the ultimate proof of their love.

President Trump attended the G20 summit, and the Slovenian President Borut Pahor used the opportunity and invited him to visit his country. The invitation was made during the Three Seas Initiative Summit in Warsaw.

As you all know, First Lady Melania grew up in Slovenia. She was a model in her home country, and many recall her brilliant success.

This invitation is the perfect gift for the First Lady, and let’s be honest, President Trump knows how to surprise her. President Trump accepted the invitation, but we don’t have more details of this visit.

First Lady Melania must be proud to have the opportunity to return to her home country. She was raised in a humble family, and becoming the First Lady of the United States is such an honor.

Our First Lady is the second foreign-born First Lady. John Quincy Adam’s wife was the first one. She was largely mocked for her Slovenian roots, but we all know that she is one of the greatest women in our country. First Lady Melania is gorgeous, loving, caring, and successful.

This is definitely something we look forward to this visit. First Lady Melania must be thrilled to have the opportunity to visit her home country. Her family has been through a lot lately, and they could really use this trip. We can only imagine the face expressions of liberals at the moment they find out about this visit. The anti-Trumps will definitely use this to mock the First Lady, and make up another fake story about her past.

What do you think about this? When will President Donald Trump and First Lady Melania travel to Slovenia? Do you think First Lady Melania is happy about this visit?

(h/t CNN)