Toby Keith Daughter Involved In Accident

Toby Keith has been having a great time ever since he decided to support President Trump during his inauguration. He was one of the few musicians that stood up for the newly elected president and actually played at the concert. President Trump thanked him in a big way when he let Toby Keith play a concert during his visit to Saudi Arabia. Toby Keith has shown himself to be a good, honest conservative time and time again and there is a big reason for that. Keith and his family grew up in the American heartland, Oklahoma to be exact. They know what it means to work for a living.

And right now they need our support more than ever. It has been reported that Toby Keith’s daughter, Krystal Keith was in a horrific car accident while they were on their way to watch fireworks on the fourth of July. But something came out later that showed what really happened. A drunk driver was the one who caused the whole thing. It sounds like they came close to dying in the accident. They need our prayers badly.

She came out with an Instagram post that shined a little light on what exactly happened.

“Our 4th turned pretty horrific. Hensley, Drew and I were on the way to watch fireworks on the 4th. A drunk driver almost took the lives of my entire family. We all survived the wreck but it is going to take some time to heal. Keep us in your prayers. Hug your babies and spouses tight. DON’T DRINK AND DRIVE.”

It is sad to see such a dumb decision from one person almost take the lives of so many. Toby Keith deserves to see a lot of support from conservatives around the country as he needs it right now more than ever. He has been one of the few celebrities to stick up for President Trump even among the hate of the liberals.

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(h/t Fox News)