The Trumps Leave Germany Another Country

President Donald Trump has been overseas recently in order to go to the G20 Summit in Germany. Trump has been trying to meet with as many word leaders as he can in order to talk through the problems that the world is currently facing. Many world leaders have urgently tried to meet with him because they know that he is the leader of the free world. The G20 Summit is meant to be a place where leaders can do just that. But apparently liberal leftists in Germany have been trying to put an end to the Summit. They have been taking to the streets in an effort to scare President Trump.

But Trump and his family have announced that they will be going to a different location. Right now there is an estimated 8,000 protesters in the streets. But that number has been growing and is expected to go over 100,000 in the coming days. But the Trumps just got some amazing news that everyone should be proud of. Melania Trump is from a small country called Slovenia. Well, they just got invited back for the first time as the First Couple.

“President Trump has accepted an invitation from Slovenian President Borut Pahor to visit Slovenia, first lady Melania Trump’s home country.” This is amazing news for the first couple and should mean a lot to them.

“Pahor extended the invitation to President Trump during the Three Seas Initiative summit, a meeting of the countries that border the Baltic, Adriatic and Black seas,” the office said in a statement.

Melania is sure to have a great time while visiting her former home. It is always nice to return home after a long time away. At least someone is happy to host the Trump family. We saw what it looks like when a country loves the president. Poland was amazing during his stay and did just about everything to be as accommodating as possible.

The hate towards the Trump family has to stop if we want to see any change in the way our politics is run. There is no reason for the way the liberals around the world are acting.


(h/t Washington Examiner)