Was Ivanka Targeted By The Unknown “Senator?”

Ivanka Trump has had so many problems since her father’s inauguration. Democrats couldn’t get used to her new role in the Trump administration. The anti-Trumps did their best to mock her, and the same happened to the rest of the Trumps.

This time Ivanka had an unpleasant experience with a man who claimed to be a US senator. Well, she didn’t actually see the man, but Secret Service agents revealed details about their meeting with the 52-year-old “senator.”

Sixto Adames Benitez, 52, attempted to enter the Trump Tower in New York City. He was looking for Ivanka Trump, and used the lamest excuse ever. Officers had to act quickly, and removed him from the entrance. Benitez was transported to Weill Cornell Medical Center, and experts will have to evaluate his mental health. The man “exhibited behavior of an emotionally disturbed person,” as officials explained.

“He was trying to meet with Ivanka Trump to discuss her dresses. He was discovered to be wearing a bullet-resistant vest… further investigation revealed he had a forged identification card,” stated the NYPD’s deputy commissioner of public information.

Benitez tried to enter the Trump Tower at 4pm EDT. Now he is charged with two counts of criminal possession of a weapon. He was also “awarded” with one count of possession of a forged instrument, which is considered as a forgery in the first degree.

This could easily turn into a major incident. President Trump has to strengthen the protection of his daughter, because many other “senators” could try to do the same thing. There is something strange about the whole incident, and we’re waiting for more details. The Secret Service will probably do something to prevent any unpleasant incident.

What do you think about this incident? Do you think Benitez wanted to hurt Ivanka Trump? What was the real reason behind his attempt to enter the Trump Tower In New York? Do you think Benitez was driven by his political views?

(h/t Newsweek)