De Blasio To Protest Against President Trump

President Donald Trump is attending the G20 Summit, and something strange happened. We knew that the New York City Major Bill De Blasio isn’t quite happy about the President’s victory, but we never thought that he’d do anything like this.

Can you believe that De Blasio accepted to be the keynote speaker at the anti-Trump protest in Germany? The NYC major will be at the other side of the summit, and this is something we couldn’t see coming.

President Donald Trump is meeting other world leaders at the annual Group of 20 summit.

De Blasio informed everyone about his role in the protest, and announced his trip to Germany. Well, he didn’t actually have to say anything, because we knew that he’d never support President Trump.

These protests are aimed against the President’s policies and the growth of populist right-wing organizations in Europe.

De Blasio will speak at the event organized by Hamburg Shows Attitude. “”We’re glad to confirm: @NYCMayor on stage on Saturday on our rally for human rights & democracy as keynote speaker,” the organization tweeted.

That’s not all. Hamburg Shows Attitude will pay for De Blasio’s trip, as confirmed by Eric Phillips, the organization’s press secretary.

“It’s worth it to not just hear the voice of President Trump in Germany these days,” organization representatives revealed.

“The mayor will be sharing New York and American values with an international audience that we worry only sees and hears from our president. It’s important that American leaders confront head-on, locally and around the world, the damaging rhetoric and policy stances of the Trump administration,” Phillips announced.

This is getting big. Democrats have united in their effort to undermine President Trump. They’re ignoring his role in this country. Remember how Obama decided to go to the summit? He thinks that he is still the president of our country.

We can only wait to see the further development of events. Let’s just hope that everything will be fine.

What do you think about this? Do you think President Donald Trump will react to the protests? Will De Blasio’s role change anything?

(h/t The Hill)