Eric Trump Rips Fake Media For Father’s Coverage

President Trump is no stranger to the hate from the left. He has been dealing with it ever since he announced that he would be running for president over a year ago. And it seems like they just will not let it go. Liberals are trying to do just about anything they can to destroy the administration from the outside-in and they are starting to get on people’s nerves. Conservatives have had to deal with a lot over the past 8 years and it is about time we have a family in the White House that better fits in with their values.

The hate from the left is starting to make a lot of people angry, even people within the family. That is completely understandable considering what they have had to deal with for almost 2 years now. Obama never had to deal with this kind of hate from the media. They were in love with him and he could do no wrong. It is the total opposite for President Trump. Everything he does is met with harsh criticism and even hate. How is this okay? Doesn’t something need to be done?

Eric Trump has had enough of the way the liberal media has been treating him and his father. He has a pregnant wife that will soon give birth and he is having to deal with hate against her as well. The liberals will stop at nothing. He took the chance to go on Fox News to talk about his feelings towards the country his father has been running. Eric wanted to explain what is really going on here.

He went on the network and talked about how well the administration was doing and the great things they have been doing for the country. Trump eventually says that his father will eventually go down in history.

“I mean, go into Home Depot. Just a simple test. Look at the lines in Home Depot, right? I mean, we are thriving as a nation,” Eric Trump explained. “Everybody wants to get focused on nonsense, on garbage, on distractions.” Now this line is obviously supposed to go over as kind of a joke. But in a larger sense, it is completely true.

What do you think?

(h/t Vox)