First Lady Melania Expressed Support For Hamburg Victims

The First Family is going through a lot these days, and the incidents filled headlines across the country. President Donald Trump went to the G20 Summit, and Democrats used the opportunity to trash him. As if this wasn’t enough, Hamburg went on fire, and protesters crossed the red line in several occasions. First Lady Melania Trump was stuck in her hotel. Literally.

Hamburg protesters blocked the streets and the entrance of the hotel in which First Lady Melania stayed. But, she didn’t forget to mention everyone who got hurt in the protests.

The scene was terrifying. Fire and violence everywhere. Nobody ever thought that the G20 Summit would cause this much chaos. The series of bonfires shocked the country and the rest of Europe. Protesters used blocks of pavement as projectiles. The tension was almost unbearable, and the police had to do something to prevent further incidents.

Right before midnight, police officers used teargas, water cannons and flash-bang grenades to deal with protesters. But, protesters threw bottles of looted champagne into the fire, and the situation got worse.

Residents complained about people who tied to steal from their shops.

Reports confirm that the mass of protesters stretched for at least one mile. Can you believe this? About 200 police officers were injured during the protests, and 90 people were arrested.

This is terrible. This is the last thing First Lady Melania and President Donald Trump needed at the moment. But, they are great people, and never forget anyone in need. First Lady Melania expressed her support on Twitter.

“Thinking of those hurt in Hamburg protests. Hope everyone stays safe!” tweeted the First Lady.

This is not the first time our President and his wife get in trouble due to protesters. Remember the protests after Inauguration Day? Let’s just hope that everything goes well. The situation needs to be resolved as soon as possible. We live in a modern world, and rioting isn’t the right way to express your feelings.

What do you think about these protests? Do you think protesters should go in jail for rioting in the streets? How will the whole thing end?

(h/t CNN)