Ivanka And Jared Seen As G20 Summit

Ivanka Trump has been working very hard within her father’s administration. Everything she does is attacked by the liberals because of her father and that is totally unfair. When an adviser to the president wants to help the entire country she should be applauded for it rather than insulted. There is no excuse for the way liberals have bee acting and it has to stop quickly. Right now, the first family is in Germany for the G20 Summit where they are working hard to make sure Americans are accounted for.

Jared and Ivanka always have been ones to amaze when it comes to their looks. THey did not disappoint here with Ivanka choosing a green jumpsuit by Gabriella Hearst. This was an amazing show of beauty and class for the first daughter. She has been working in the White House as an adviser to her father for a couple of months now. It gives her a chance to work even more to help her fellow Americans.

This comes after Ivanka went to visit the Ghetto Heroes tribute where she met with other leaders. This was a time for solace and that is exactly what happened. When her father had other engagements to attend to, he was insulted by Polish leaders.

“We deeply regret that President Trump, though speaking in public barely a mile away from the monument, chose to break with that laudable tradition, alongside so many other ones,” he said in a statement. “We trust that this slight does not reflect the attitudes and feelings of the American people.”

This is a ridiculous statement as they knew he was busy with other things. If he could have gone he would have. This just shows the arrogance of some people. But that did not stop Ivanka from enjoying her time there. She made sure to spend her time in thoughts and prayer as it was a very important thing that she was doing.

The Trump family has been having an amazing time so far on this trip. That is what we can expect from a president that cares about the people.

(h/t Daily Mail)