Melania Does Something Amazing During Trip

First Lady Melania Trump has been doing a remarkable job in her roll. Americans finally have someone living in the White House that they can be proud of. But that has not stopped liberals around the country from attacking her at any chance they get. They have been insulting her in a variety of different ways and for no reason. She is an extremely lovable woman that works hard for Americans everywhere.

She and her husband, President Donald Trump are both together in the White House after spending the first 5 months apart do to Barron Trump’s schooling. This caused liberals to try to make it out to be her fault, even though it was not her decision. But we are currently seeing what a caring and classy woman she is during their trip to Europe.

She can be seen the in photograph hugging a young boy after he gives her a little gift. This is an amazing show of respect from both sides and is exactly what we need to be seeing from the first lady of the United States. President Trump has been trying to make sure Americans are well represented during the G20 Summit where he is meeting with many other world leaders. It looks like he is making friends and enemies during his time there. But for the most part, he is loved across the world for what he is going for the United States. One thing is sure, he is keeping his campaign slogan of “make America great again.”

He and his family are amazing workers for all Americans. Melania should be proud of what she has done so far and needs to learn to ignore the haters that will not leave her alone. Eventually they will get what is coming to them. What do you think?

(h/t Twitter)