New Air Force One Has Just Arrived

President Donald Trump is the greatest president America has ever had. Unlike Barack Obama, President Trump promised to make America great again. The only thing Obama ever did was planting hate and racism. But, President Trump is here to introduce some positive changes, and help us live a better life.

Although President Trump is the best thing that has ever happened to our country, some people still hate the idea of having him inside the White House. President Trump made a few important deals, and Democrats still ignore his success. We bet that they will definitely hate the new Air Force One.

President Trump is under a constant threat, and he needs better protection. That’s why the new Air Force One is upgraded. The purchase was followed by many controversies, and President Trump didn’t agree with its initial price. “Boeing is building a brand new 747 Air Force One for future presidents, but costs are out of control, more than $4 billion. Cancel order!” President Trump tweeted in December, 2016.

US presidents will use Air Force One until 2024. We already know who will hate this info.

President Trump didn’t agree with the initial price of the plane, and he also changed the design of the plane. He actually made a favor to his successors. The new plane has a pretty similar design to the one in the Trump Tower in Manhattan.


Democrats will definitely try to pull out their dirty tricks again. They don’t support the President’s decisions, and we believe that they will use this opportunity to trash the President.

It’s clear that Democrats won’t appreciate the President’s effort to lower the price of Air Force One. Obama never did anything like this. He even increased the national debt of our country. So terrible.

President Trump deserves every respect in the world. Americans are happy to have a president like him. The right candidate won, and we’re all looking forward to the new policies.

What do you think about this story? Do you think President Trump did an amazing job? How do you like the new Air Force One?

(h/t CBS News)