Obama Finds Out Something About Older Brother

There are obviously very few things the two Obama brothers have in common. Barack Obama disagrees with his older brother Malik Obama on most, if not all, issues. They do not see eye to eye much and it is starting to make Barack very mad. Malik has not hidden from the fact that he is a massive Donald Trump supporter. Now obviously that ticked of Barack in a huge way as Malik refused to give him any credit during his time in office. Now many Americans are starting to see what a fraud Obama was when he was living in the White House. There is no way around the fact that he was a liar and a very bad president of the United States. But it is what Malik did on the fourth of July that is really making Barack angry.

We all remember when earlier this year, Malik came out with a document that looks an awful lot like Barack Obama’s birth certificate. The shocking part? It comes from Kenya which obviously would make him ineligible to become president of the United States. Here is a tweet regarding the birth certificate.

There are very few things that Barack Obama is willing to give his time to right now. But attacking President Trump is definitely one of them. Any chance he gets he insults and tried to disrupt the current administration just because he disagrees. When Republicans tried to repeal and replace Obamacare, something that needed to be done, Obama tweeted a firestorm accusing them of not caring about the American people.

One thing that was notably absent from his Twitter? Anything to do with Independence Day. That is where Malik comes into play. Even he had the time to send out a simple tweet to Americans that were celebrating.

This shows us how much Barack Obama does not care about the United States who he was the leader of for 8 years. That says a lot about the man.

(h/t Twitter)