Scottie Nell Hudges Lied?

Fox News is still shaking, and the network went through another scandal. Bill O’Reilly and Roger Ailes were removed from the network, and now Charles Payne may receive the same treatment. The host faced serious accusations, and he will be suspended until the network finishes its investigation.

Conservative activist Scottie Nell Hudges triggered the whole thing with the massive accusation. Nudges made a shocking interview, and said she was “coerced into a sexual relationship with Payne under threat of reprisals.”

But, the latest leak says the opposite. The email exchange between Hudges and Payne reveals details about their relationship. Many would agree that Hudges probably went too far with her accusations, because she talked about her sexual fantasies with Payne in one of her emails.

One of her emails contained details about her juicy dream. The content was graphic, of course.

“Do you know what I keep dreaming about.. You and I in the pool… My legs wrapped around your waste and you have me pressed up against the wall of the pool. Skin glistening and smelling of coconut… You thrusting yourself deeper inside with each push… And your fingers grasping each of my cheeks,” Hughes wrote in her email. Wow. So, was she really trying to accuse him of harassing her?

Let’s just say that the investigation will confirm this. It seems like Hudges was just trying to accuse Payne of things that never happened. She seems to have enjoyed their relationship, and that’s pretty much everything we needed to know.

Hudges probably didn’t think about Payne and his family. The host already apologized to his wife and children. The family will have to deal with a lot pressure these days, and let’s all hope that things will work well for them. Stories like this could easily pull apart a decent family.

Maybe Hudges should think again before accusing the person she fantasized about. This is a serious thing, and we hope that truth will find its way out.

What do you think about this scandal? Do you think Hudges is trying to hide something? Why did she accuse Payne of harassing her? How will the whole thing end?

(h/t Daily Mail)