Trey Gowdy Calls Nancy Pelosi Out

Trey Gowdy works hard for conservatives in this country and we are starting to see why he is so compelled to do this. Liberals in the United States are at a point where it is almost becoming dangerous for conservatives to practice their politics. Look what they are doing to the Trump family and administration. The left has been doing just about anything they can to disrupt the administration and what they are trying to do. Any now the democratic leadership in this country is joining in. People like Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi are making the rounds on liberal media trying to act like Trump is destroying this country.

Apparently they forgot about the past 8 years, because nothing can compare to that. Obama did everything he could to make sure that this country would never be the same. But Trey Gowdy has not let them forget about that. He went on Fox News and simply unleashed on Nancy Pelosi, calling her out of her lies. Even though this video is from a while back, it is still just as relevant today.

Gowdy goes on to call the embattled democrat “mind-numbingly stupid” and for good reason. She has shown herself to be a completely incapable leader and is actually turning out to be very dangerous for many people in the country. Conservatives have always known that this woman was a complete fraud. But liberals still think that she is doing a great job, which is total bogus. Nancy Pelosi has even had trouble expressing herself, referring to President Trump as President Bush numerous different times.

That says a lot about the kind of politician she really is. Either she does not pay any attention or she has totally lost her mind. Though both are probably true, the latter fits better with what is currently going on. Trey Gowdy was right to call her out on live television. She needs a little wake up call so maybe he could go ahead and do it again. It is absolutely ridiculous that she can get away with the things she does.

(h/t YouTube)