Bob Dole Releases Statement On Trump

Liberals have been attacking the Trump administration for anything that they can get their hands on. But they are quickly realizing that they cannot keep this up for very much longer. The media has been trying to get Trump impeached ever since he took office and yet they still can’t find any good reason to do it. That is what is wrong with our country right now. Half of the United States is unwilling to even give the current administration a chance, and that is unacceptable. We need to work together as a nation to make sure that we can get as many things passed as possible.

Without Trump, we would be nowhere right now. He has been making sure that this country is moving in the right direction after 8 years of Obama. We never got anywhere under Obama and really, moved backwards more than forwards. Everyone in the United States should be happy that we have a change going on right now. We were in desperate need for something new and it shows.

The Trump family has been in Europe recently for the G20 Summit where world leaders gather to talk about world problems. Trump has been doing an amazing job, despite the disgusting protests that have been taking place in Hamburg at the same time.

This statement just goes to show you what our fellow Americans think of President Donald Trump. He is well respected with in the government because he knows how to get things done. We saw that when he refused to sign onto the Paris Climate Accord. Liberals were furious about this decision even though it was what was right for the country.

Trump has dealt with the hate from the left in an amazingly calm way. He has been attacked from every direction and is doing a good job keeping his calm no matter what. That is what the Trump family does, they deal with adversity with dignity and class just like we expect them to.

(h/t Twitter)