Chelsea Clinton Attacks Trump

Liberals have been trying to attack President Donald Trump and his administration ever since they took office. They have gotten worse and worse and it looks like they will continue on that way until we do something about it. The left has been looking for any reason to get him impeached and they are running our of options. The testimony James Comey gave gave them a little bit of hope but it was quickly gone when the truth came out. We just need to move on as a country knowing that Trump is our leader no matter what. It looks like some of the liberal elites want to get involved now.

Chelsea Clinton has been an outspoken critic of President Trump ever since he move into the White House. She is a biased liberal figure that needs to be ignored as she has nothing good to say.

Clinton needs to over the fact that her mother did not win the presidency. This ill will shown towards not only President Trump himself, but also his family and administration has no place in politics. His family needs to be respected as they are the first family. They are doing everything they can to work for every American in the country. Liberals are unwilling to even give him the time of day.

The mainstream media has been just as bad if not worse. At least we can expect the liberals in the country to attack President Trump. The media is supposed to be an unbiased way for Americans to get their news. But that is far from the case. Sources like CNN and MSNBC have bee making stuff up as of late to entice their liberal viewers. This is all done so that they can hurt the Trump administration. They want to see him fail. See a problem there?

Shouldn’t Americans be cheering Trump on no matter what instead of waiting for him to mess up?

(h/t Twitter)