Fox News To De Blasio: Don’t Come Back

President Donald Trump and his family have been traveling around Europe this week in order to go to the G20 Summit. President Trump is there to talk with other world leaders about the things currently going on around the world. And there is a lot to talk about for everyone. It was the first time that President Trump go a chance to talk face to face with Russian President Vladimir Putin. There have been a lot of rumors surrounding the two men and what they did to work together to win the election. But those are just rumors and are not based in the truth. There have been some massive protests going on in Hamburg, Germany, where the summit is taking place.

They are there to protest governments all around the world, but mostly President Trump and his administration. These far left nut jobs do not like the fact that Trump is standing up to the leaders in Europe and telling them that America comes first no matter what. They also do not like Trump backing out of the Paris Climate Accord, which was a lose-lose for the United States.

But a very special guest traveled to Germany to protest Trump. New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio went all the way to Hamburg to fight on with the protesters attacking Donald Trump. There were many people across that country that thought this was completely inappropriate, especially considering ust a few days earlier a New York City Police officer lost his life.

Fox News host Eric Bolling went off on the mayor, telling him not to come back. “And do us all a favor and listen to The New York Post, which speaks for millions of Americans, and don’t come back, de Blasio. Do not come back,” Bolling mentioned.

“You are not a social ustice warrior, you are not a progressive for the people. You are a despicable, self-dealing clown who traveled to Germany to feed your need for cameras and microphones,” he went on.

Pretty tough words, but it is exactly what needed to be said.

(h/t The Hill)