Loretta Lynch Investigation Speeding Up

We all know that the Obama administration was the worst of the worst. They did nothing for the American people and really left the country in much worse shape than before. That is what we can expect from a liberal leader as they just want what is best for them. Can you see the difference in the way other world leaders treat Trump compared to Obama? We can see that they are scared of Trump, they know that he will get whatever he want. They loved Obama because they could walk all over him and his administration. one of the shining problems of the Obama administration was the criminal activity they were involved in.

There is so much going on right now that we don’t really know where to start. We have been finding out more and more about the Obama administration and their illegal actions ever since President Donald Trump took over. That can be credited to him and his administration as their actions have put the Obama administration into the light. Loretta Lynch is the former Attorney General for the Obama administration.

She has been proven a liar time and time again and we are quickly learning why. She went under oath and spoke about how she never talked with anyone from the Hillary Clinton camp even though that was a blatant lie. We saw just how bad it got when former FBI Director James Comey went and told the Senate Committee that she told him to call the Hillary email investigation a matter. But that is not all.

There are new details on this case coming out on a daily basis and we need to pay very close attention so that her crimes do not go unpunished. She is a liberal elite so if there is anyway she can get away with it, she will. Look at Obama for comparison. He has been accused of numerous different crimes and no one is even talking about that. He is beloved by liberals across the nation. The meeting she had with Bill Clinton was PRE-PLANNED and everyone knows it. We just need to figure out how to end it.

(h/t Fox News)