Melania Trump Has Amazing Fashion Sense

There are very few things that the liberals will not attack the Trump family for, but First Lady Melania Trump’s style is one of those things. She has been doing an amazing job so far as first lady of the United States so far no matter what the left is trying to say about her. During their second trip abroad, the first couple has been doing an amazing job working for the American people, something that they want to do whenever they can. Trump has been doing whatever he can to make sure that the United States is covered.

But the couple has not been safe from the attacks of the left. In Hamburg, Germany where the G20 Summit takes place, there have been massive protests trying to deter the Trump administration from getting their work done. But that has not stopped them from completing their goals on this trip. For example, Trump stood his ground when it came to the Paris Climate Accord, refusing to sign the document until it was made better for the American people. Melania has been going strong as well. She was seated next to the Russian President Vladimir Putin during the dinner one night.

Her beauty is unmatched and we can finally be proud to have someone in the White House that better represents the American people as a whole. Michelle Obama destroyed this country and its class. She was an absolute joke as first lady and refused to work for the American people. Melania has purposely picked outfits that are very colorful in nature. But the good part is that she knows when to be classy and when to step out of the box a little bit.

As you can see, Melania Trump is simply an amazing First Lady of the United States. She knows exactly how to act and when to act. It is amazing to see her grow in her role and she truly has come a very long way. Liberals need to stop insulting her and her family before it gets taken too far.

What do you think of our First Lady?

(h/t Breibart)