Paul Joseph Watson Destroys Clooney (Video)

Many celebrities support refugees, and believe that these people deserve to enter every country in the world. President Donald Trump doesn’t share the same opinion, and he warned everyone about the problems refugees may bring. His biggest fears became reality, and now people know that our President was right this whole time.

Terrorism is turning into a global issue, and world leaders are trying to keep terrorists away from their countries. But, terrorists are more like a plague that can’t be eliminated. They are everywhere. Innocent people die every day, and we live in a constant fear that the next bomber may decide to commit suicide in our home town.

Clooney is afraid, too. But, wasn’t he the loudest advocate of all refugees? He supported those people, and believed that they deserve the opportunity to live wherever they want. The same Clooney is now fleeing Europe.

This is hypocrisy at the max. Clooney shouldn’t run away from the people he supports. You would definitely agree that the actor chose the wrong way to disappoint his followers. He was supposed to stay in Europe and spend more time with terrorists. Why is he running away from the problems he supported?

Clooney condemned world leaders who said ‘no’ to refugees. He wanted us to believe that these people are just running away from their political regimen. The truth is, terrorists use the refugee wave to enter countries and bomb everything that comes their way.

President Trump had the right opportunity to protect our country, and prevent terrorist attacks. But, Democrats did their best to block the travel ban, and literally gave green light to refugees (read ‘terrorists’).

So, is Clooney trying to make fun of us all? Why didn’t he support the travel ban? Why is he running now when the situation became too serious to handle? Infowars Reporter Paul Joseph Watson decided to speak up, and taught him a lesson. Well, that’s what you get for being a hypocrite.

In his video, Watson outlines Clooney’s hypocrisy, and many supported his move.

What do you think about this video? Do you think Watson did the right thing?

(h/t Infowars)