Philip Banks Running For NYC Mayor

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio just disrespected all Americans when he decided to fly to Germany and protest President Donald Trump being at the G20 Summit. If you think that this took the hate to a whole new level then you are not alone as millions of Americans have been stating their displeasure with the mayor’s decision. This is simply not okay and it is shocking that he would think that he could get away with something so hateful. Even liberal residents in New York have been getting onto the mayor for this as there is simply no excuse. Eric Bolling from Fox News went at the New York City Mayor and told him “do not come back” after it was learned what he did. Well, de Blasio has some work to do as he will be running against former NYPD Chief Philip Banks.

This could spell trouble for de Blasio and his staff as Banks is very popular around the New York area. After this latest move made by the mayor it would not be surprising to see his support around the area plummet. This has to be good for conservatives. They are tired of seeing the man run around insulting Trump. This will be a good challenge for Banks to know where he stands politically.

One thing is sure, however, and that is that current Mayor Bill de Blasio needs to go. He is doing nothing but harm for the city and the state of New York. He has been a total failure on just about every level and it is starting to show in a big way. This man could be the savior of New York City after this disgusting show of far-left values have taken over recently.

Being the former NYPD Chief, Banks has been around the block. That means he knows his way around the city and its people. This could end up being a very big help to him as that is what you need to be successful in a city like New York.

What do you think about Philip Banks?

(h/t Twitter)