Putin Talks About ISIS

ISIS has turned into a major issue, and world leaders have largely discussed over the potential solution to the crisis. The situation is bad, and it can escalate in any minute. President Donald Trump was well aware of the problem, and tried to solve it. Unfortunately, Democrats were here to stop his attempt. Even Putin agrees with it.

President Trump uses every occasion to talk about the problem and all the ISIS ‘soldiers’ who wander around. But, Democrats would rather have terrorists killing innocent people. They will never approve the President’s ideas, and we all know the reason for their anger.

Democrats are still furious, and they can’t get over the fact that Hillary Clinton loss the elections. Well, we all know that Hillary didn’t have any real chances of winning the elections. She was too corrupted to become a president. How can a potential prisoner get inside the White House? Crooked criminals should go in jail.

The Russian President is also worried about ISIS, and the threat it imposes. He sees the problem clearly, and tries to help everyone act reasonably.

President Trump demanded that everyone stops Hillary Clinton, and the mainstream media twisted the story. They said that President Trump calls for Hillary’s assassination. Well, we all remember what Hillary and Obama said eight years ago.

Our leader is ready to remind us of the truth. He is going straight for it, and we know that Hillary and Obama worked together. Moreover, Obama is the one to be blamed for the rise of ISIS, as President Trump explains.

Maybe we should ask him a couple of questions. Obama needs to give us answers, and let’s hope that President Trump will help us get them.

President Trump isn’t the only person to link Obama and ISIS. The Russian President Vladimir Putin blames Obama and his “unprofessional politics” which resulted in the raise of ISIS. Well, we couldn’t agree more.

What do you think about this? Do you agree with Vladimir Putin? Would you add anything to his comments? Will President Trump stop ISIS and take its ‘soldiers’ out of our country?

(h/t CNN)