Sharia Law Gets Bad News In Texas

We all know that former President Barack Obama was a Muslim lover. He did just about anything he could to make sure that Muslims were taken care of in the United States. Did we see this kind of treatment for your average Americans? Of course not. That is one of the reasons we have such a large divide in this country right now. It all starts with Obama and the damage he did to this country. President Donald Trump has been trying to roll back some of the issues the previous administration left behind. But it will be a long journey before everything is taken care of completely. There is no reason Obama does not need to face some sort of consequences for his actions.

But after all of the bad news under Obama, there is some good news coming in for the Americans that are tired of seeing Muslims trying to take over our country. We have been seeing it for the past 8 years and it needs to stop. The Muslim refugees that are apparently so gentle and kind, have been trying to destroy us from the inside out. But now they want to take it to the next level and it is getting very scary. Sharia law has been making rounds in many parts of Europe.

Just look at the turmoil that Islam has caused Western Europe as of late. There have been numerous attacks on our livelihood since the influx of refugees and it starts under Obama’s leadership. It is sad that for 8 years we had to deal with the lies of Obama. Luckily, the United States knows how to deal with the hate of the Muslims and their Sharia law.

Texas just gave them some very bad news. The state just passed a law that will make it illegal to practice Sharia law inside its borders. This is yet another step in the right direction for Trump’s America. This law would not have worked under Obama because it would not have gone along with what the federal government wanted. But this new Texas law is sure to show Muslim extremists that they have no place here in the United States.

(h/t Freedom Daily)