Tucker Carlson Talks Maxine Waters

We know that Maxine Waters is a total loon. She is a complete liar and have been proven to be such time and time again. It seems like, ever since Donald Trump became President, she has been doing whatever she can to get him impeached. It is obvious that she has an incredible hatred for the president and his administration. How is it possible that she can still be one of our elected officials if she shows obvious hatred and even threats toward the president of the United States. Conservatives are tired of seeing her face on their television screens and for good reason. She does nothing of value for our country and is simply a hater.

Luckily we have a few of our own that are willing to call liberals out for their disgusting behavior. Fox News’s Tucker Carlson is one of those people. He has been on the hunt as of late, looking for anyone that has been talking bad about President Trump. He found on here, as Maxine Waters has been going off as of late.

Tucker Carlson wants to know how Maxine can afford all of these nice things even though she is supposedly living on a modest income. Also, she has been paying her daughter’s salary as an aide for a long time now. But it is a lot more than you might think and in fact, well over $100,000. Maxine Waters has a problem with the way she goes about her business. There is no reason for the things she does.

“Consider where she lives,” he went on. She lives “in a 6,000-square foot, $4.3 million mansion in one of the wealthiest neighborhoods in Los Angeles. Now how’d she afford a place like that. After having spent the last 40 years working in government? We would hate to speculate.”

“So how did Maxine Waters pull off a housing coup like that? Who knows, but it almost qualifies her to be the HUD secretary herself.” This comes in regards to her words on HUD Secretary Ben Carson. She will never learn to keep her mouth shut on things she knows nothing about.

(h/t Eurweb)