Ari Fleischer Joins Fox News

Fox News has been having some trouble lately. They have made some very questionable decisions when it comes to their network and we are seeing the impact that it has had on their ratings. When they decided to fire Bill O’Reilly it was the final straw for millions of conservatives that watched the network on a daily basis. But there really was no reason at all for him to get fired. He was the victim of liberal attacks against him and his family. There were numerous women that came out against him. They said that he sexually harassed them during his time at Fox News. That is unfortunate as he was truly the face of the network.

But they have been trying to move back in the right direction ever since they made this decision. That is easier said than done and they are finding that out the hard way. But they recently put on a big time hire that could help get them back on track. Ari Fleischer, a former White House Press Secretary, will be joining the network in the coming weeks.

“Ari’s decades of experience in political communication and immense knowledge of the White House and its interactions with the press will add valuable insight to our programming,” Jay Wallace, president of Fox News, said. Hopefully this will give them a chance to move on with their decisions.

“I very much look forward to joining Fox and to sharing my perspective on national, political and governmental events. When it comes to coverage and analysis of Washington, Fox has a powerful and important voice and I am proud to join them,” Fleischer said in a statement.

Fox News has a long way to go, that is certain. But he will be a great addition to the staff. There a lot of people that are still angry with the network after they decided to fire their beloved host. Hopefully this can ease the hate that many conservatives have for this once beloved network.

When you think of Fox News, you think of the No Spin News. Hopefully that is what we will continue to get.

(h/t Variety)