Conservatives Not Happy With Obamacare Repeal

There are few things that President Donald Trump has not been able to do since becoming president about 5 months ago. He has been keeping many of his campaign promises in a big way and has shown no signs of showing down. This is a huge change from the Obama administration which did nothing to help the American people. But one of the things that President Donald Trump has not been able to accomplish thus far is that of the repeal of Obamacare in its entirety. Obviously millions of Americans are suffering every day because of the grip that Obamacare has on them. Rarely have we seen such a hard time in trying to do something that so many people want.

Conservatives are finally starting to take notice. Hosts from several different conservative outlets are starting to call the government out on its inability to agree on anything that is put before them. Many think that the healthcare plan that conservatives put out is only a better form of Obamacare.

Ben Shapiro has been especially hard on the officials.

“The bill purportedly under consideratio would constitute an ultimate betrayal of Congressional conservatives; it would strip out proposed language strengthening market options, the proposed Cruz-Lee Consumer Freedom Amendment. That amendment would have allowed insurance companies to offer insurance plans free of Obamacare’s regulations so long as they also offered another plan that would meet the regulations. That would grant insurance companies the ability to compete with one another and offer narrower and more inexpensive plans,” Shapiro said in regards to the proposed replacement.

We need to figure out what we want so that the Trump administration can work towards that. Government officials right now seem to be at least a little bit out of touch with the American people. Now, obviously anything conservatives suggest is much better than the failure that we have right now. Obamacare has to go before it destroys us completely.

How can we not come to an agreement on this? It seems like we would want to do something about it quickly considering Obamacare is what we have now.

(h/t Western Journalism)