Fire Breaks Out At Rio Shopping Mall In Moscow

We’re happy to enjoy all the conveniences modern living brings, but sometimes it’s hard to thrive in a world full of dangers. By “danger” we mean anything that jeopardizes people’s life. Can we say that the world is on fire? Maybe this hot weather has something to do with the fire incidents these days or maybe it’s just people’s negligence.

The world was left in shock after social networks were filled with images of the latest fire in Moscow. The fire broke out at a shopping mall in the northeast of Moscow, as confirmed by Emergency Ministry sources.

According to the reports, at least 14 people were injured in the fire, including a child. We can’t even imagine the pain and the horror their families go through at the moment. Russian reporters are still gathering information about the incident, but it seems like the situation is put under control.

Russian sources confirmed that the fire broke out at the Rio shopping mall on Dmitrovskoe Highway, and the number of injured people was confirmed by TASS. The same source revealed that the fire broke out on the second floor at the mall. There are about 20 fire engines working on putting it out.

“There’s a thick black smoke. The smoke exhausts system might have malfunctioned in the building,” the source said. The smoke is probably caused by the textile products that were caught in the fire. Let’s hope that everything will be fine.

Russian authorities are doing their best to solve the problem, and take whatever measure is necessary to help everyone in need. Officials are working together on fixing the problem. We will provide more details once the situation is cleared.

This is not the first fire that filled headlines these days. Butte County is threatened by a massive 5,000 mile fire, and Governor Brown has already declared a state of emergency. People are evacuated, and the California National Guard is already mobilized.

What do you think about this story? What caused the fire in Moscow? Would you suggest any solution for the incident? Do you think authorities should take other measure to “soothe” the problem?

(h/t RT)