John McCain Predicts Republican Healthcare Bill Will Fail

The nation has been facing a major problem as of late. That problem goes by the name John McCain. The Arizona senator is trying to get rid of the Trump administration in anyway he can. He has been proving that he is a Trump hater for the better part of a year now and conservatives around the country are starting to take notice. It seems like the attacks that he has shown the administration have been getting worse and worse as time goes on. John McCain’s actions back that stance up. McCain needs to go. His attacks have gone too far and there is no reason for the hate that he is giving Trump right now.

Everything that President Donald Trump tries to get passed is attacked by McCain. At this point, many conservatives even look at him as a democrat because that is what he acts like. It is sad to see one of the longtime Republican senators taking a very back turn like this. Over the past few months it seems like McCain has been going further and further away from the values that he once held dear. Now the only thing he wants is go get Trump out of office.

McCain has now turned his attention to the new Republican healthcare deal that is having some trouble getting by. Conservatives cannot decide whether or not they like it so it is stuck in the middle. One thing is sure. It is far better than Obamacare has ever been. Obamacare has been a total failure and is taking American lives. But liberals like John McCain do not care about that.

“My view is that it is probably going to be dead,” John McCain said on Face the Nation. Starters, why was he on a liberal show like Face the Nation? President Trump has come out many times calling out the liberal views that the show tries to push on its viewers. John McCain, instead of giving up far too early, needs to be working towards a solution to the problem.

What do you think of John McCain?

(h/t The Guardian)