NBC Acts To Give Megyn Kelly Some PR Help

Megyn Kelly is doing whatever she can to keep her show going. But it looks like it might not be enough as she has had to employ some help from her own network to save her dying ratings. She has been a failure at every single job she has been to and NBC is fed up. Kelly needs to realize that what she is currently doing is not working with her viewers at all. Everyone knows that she is a liar that will say anything to get the views. That is why she jumped from Fox News to NBC.

She has tried to start giving some interesting interviews but they are clearly not working very well. So far, the ratings have been an nightmare and the network has no idea where to turn. If something does not happen very soon the network could be forced to drop her altogether and that would be a conservative’s dream. She has been a traitor for long enough. Look at some of the reviews.

“Her interview with Vladimir Putin was perceived by some as defanged and occasionally boring,” Sarah Ellison said.

“The Vance segment, a week later, may have been the sort of worthy booking that could wipe away the stench of the scandal for good. But he could not stanch the downward decline of Kelly’s ratings,” she went on.

It is pretty bad to see how much she is struggling but maybe that is just part of the job. Something will happen unless they want to continue to lose millions on a nightly basis. She is currently getting beat out by 60 Minute reruns which says a lot about the state of her show. Her way of conducting the interviews are simply not drawing in enough people and that is the problem. What is the solution?

(h/t Western Journalism)