Obama Returns For The Democrats

Former President Barack Obama loves to act like he will stay out of politics. But that is really just what he wants people to think. We have known all along that this is not really what is he planning to do. Ever since he left office, less that half a year ago, he has been making a list of the things he wants to help the democrats accomplish. The democrats are totally lost without his guidance and it shows. The liberals need his help and they finally have it. Obama has officially come out saying that he will “build a bench” for the Democrats to sit on.

“Because tomorrow’s president is today’s state senator. And he knows that very personally,” DNC Head Tom Perez said referring to former President Barack Obama. The DNC has been looking for the aid of Obama for a long time and so far, they had gotten nothing. But it is starting to look like he will be back in a big way very soon. As conservatives, we need to watch out for this behavior and see what we can do to stop it.

“When you lose 900 state legislative seats, those are people who could have been the next governors and senators and Cabinet positions, and that is something he is very committed to,” Perez went on. We all know that the Democratic party is bleeding right now very badly. If they do not come up with a plan very soon, they could be in some deep trouble.

We have to stay very aware of the situation as conservatives and we cannot let anything slip through the cracks. Obama will be looking for anyway to get back at the conservatives that have beat him time and time again. It is sad to see all of the hate that is currently going against the Trump administration. They have been working hard for Americans and want to make this country a much better place than they found it.

Obama is on the move and it is very bad. He has his shadow government in full force.

(h/t The Washington Post)