Rex Tillerson Releases Statement

President Donald Trump and his administration have been working tirelessly for the American people and we are starting to see what this is doing for our country. It is amazing to see the difference in the Trump administration and the Obama administration. Obama and his staff did nothing for the American people and left the country in utter chaos. Liberals across the country now think that they can do whatever they want and that is unacceptable. The way the Trump administration is currently being treated is not okay. They deserve our respect regardless of whether or not they agree with them.

But apparently that is not the case for many around the country. It feels like we are finally starting to move in the right direction as a country after 8 years of a liar as our leader. The safety of the American people is a priority of the Trump administration. We have seen what can happen when Muslim refugees from the Middle East are allowed free entry to the country of their choosing. Europe is feeling the consequences of their actions and we do not want that here in the United States.

One of the main threats to our security is ISIS. They want to take over the United States because they disagree with how we go about our business. But the Trump administration has taken a much tougher stance on the organization than the Obama administration did. Under the previous administration, they ruined our chances of being able to take care of this in a timely manner. But Trump is doing everything he can to get rid of this threat once and for all.

He recently got some good news on this front. ISIS had taken over Mosul, Iraq. But the forces in Iraq fought back and regained control of the major city. This is fantastic news and shows that we are starting to see some battles being won against this horrible organization. There needs to be more being done to stop the spread of ISIS. Rex Tillerson sent the Iraqi government a congratulatory message on their victory.

(h/t Reuters)