Trump Gets Rid Of Soros Funded Groups

President Trump has been doing everything he can to help this country be great again. There are very few times when we have seen a president work like he and his administration has. That is a good thing because he has a lot to do coming in after an administration like Barack Obama’s. We are starting to see the damage that Obama left behind and it is not pretty, folks. There is so much wrong with the way he did business that Trump is only just not starting to see the consequences. There is no way we can let Obama get away with the crimes he committed while in office. It seems like conservatives are finally starting to work together to figure out how we can continue to push for justice against the former administration.

But Trump just landed the killer blow against the liberals. He might have just shut down several of the liberal funded groups started by billionaire George Soros. This is a great things as these are groups used by the liberal elites and it would be bad news if something were to happen to them. President Trump knows how to hit them where it hurts and this one hurts big time. George Soros has long been a thorn in the conservatives’ side. He has donated millions to liberal causes around the country which is doing untold damage to our country.

President Trump is nominating people that he knows will take care of business against the evils that the left tries to bring. They have been working hard to try to destroy his administration ever since he was elected but they are running out of air. Very soon we will see them start to move to blatant threats and lies against him to push their agenda even further. Why are we not doing more to stop these liberals that think they can get away with whatever they want.

It seems like it has been a long time since we have seen justice in this country but it is finally here. With Trump in office, we finally have someone in the White House that conservatives can be proud of. George Soros is shaking at the thought of having Trump in office for 8 years but he had better get used to it.

(h/t The Independent)