British Columnist Says Europe Is Pro-Trump (Video)

Everyone agrees that President Donald Trump has been unfairly treated since the very first moment he was inaugurated. Democrats never thought that the Republican candidate could win the elections. But, you not always get what you hope for. The mainstream media was the strongest opponent of President Trump, but nothing could destroy people’s will. Even this foreign journalist agrees on this one.

According to a journalist for The Telegraph, President Donald Trump is “well-linked” in Europe. Of course, this goes against everything liberal reporters say, but you can already guess the liar. “There is so much more sympathy for Trump ideas than you would guess from listening to debates among the European political elites,” the journalist said.

Fraser Nelson went on Fox News’ The Story and said that “in many areas European popular opinion is firmly on President Trump’s side.” Well, we knew that most world leaders support President Trump. He is only trashed by his Democrat “friends” and a couple of Republican traitors. President Donald Trump is the best thing that has ever happened to our country, and he deserves every respect in the world.

Nelson went to explain that most people in Germany, France, Austria and Greece support President Trump and his travel ban.

This confession was more like a shock. Nobody thought that foreign journalists see things differently. It’s funny how everyone except Democrats approve the President’s effort to make America great again. The mainstream media wanted us to believe that Donald Trump isn’t fit for the role he managed to get. Liberal reporters tried to make fun of our President, but the world loves him.

This is just a clear proof that the mainstream media would do anything to trash President Trump. We’re fed up with their lies. Even the President himself is aware of their vain effort to take him down. But, we are all here to give our support for the President and his administration. It’s time to make America great again.

What do you think about the comments Fraser Nelson made? Do you think other foreign journalists share the same opinion? How will Democrats interpret this statement?

(h/t Fox News Insider)