Congressional Recess To Be Canceled?

President Donald Trump announced numerous changes during the presidential campaign. He promised Americans to fix the healthcare system. Democrats were aware of the fact that Obama’s legacy is brought to an end, but they refused to believe in it. They didn’t think that President Trump is able to do anything like this. Obamacare will be sent into history, and Democrats can’t do anything about it.

President Trump was aware of the damage Obamacare caused. Obama build a program, and it harmed Americans. Americans could in no way benefit from Obama’s healthcare system. We still don’t know the reasons Obama had to create the useless project. Now Ted Cruz has something so say about it, and Obama’s friends will hate it.

Although Obamacare is the worst thing that has ever happened to our country, Republicans are unable to repeal it. President Trump signed a few orders to replace Obamacare, but things got stuck in the middle of nowhere.

It turns out that the summer vacation is spoiling the procedure, and Ted Cruz has a huge surprise for everyone. Well, maybe he just wanted to make us believe that he is talking about something big. He had a pretty interesting interview with Hannity, and said that Mitch McConnell should cancel the Congressional recess until the procedure is brought to an end.

“There are a bunch of us, myself included, that have been urging leadership back from January to not take any recesses,” said Cruz.

Well, Ted lied in several occasions, and everybody is talking about this huge coincidence. President Donald Trump wrote something pretty similar, so we don’t really understand Ted Cruz.

“I cannot imagine that Congress would dare to leave Washington without a beautiful new HealthCare bill fully approved and ready to go!” President Trump tweeted.

Well, Cruz is right, regardless of his reasons to say anything like this. Let’s just hope that the whole thing will end in a positive way.

What do you think about this? Do you support the President’s efforts to repeal Obamacare? Do you think Ted Cruz had something else on his mind? Will President Trump manage to create a new HealthCare system?

(h/t Fox News)