Dolly Kyle Reveals The Truth About Bill And Hillary Clinton

The Clintons were desperately trying to create an image of happy couple, but Bill’s affairs were louder than anything. The former president was caught in the middle of too many scandals, and Hillary didn’t seem to be bothered with that. She was only interested in gaining power. But, Dolly Kyle has something to say about the famous couple, and the Clintons won’t like any of it.

Hillary and Bill were always active in the world of politics. The former couple has always managed to find its way in headlines across the country. Of course, none of the stories was associated with anything good, and reporters mostly wrote about Bill and his women.

The Clintons have created an empire using intrigues, lies, corruption, and manipulation. They’re too good in politics, but Americans would never give them a second chance. Although they are still married, many would agree that everything about the Clintons is associated with politics.

Hillary couldn’t win the 2016 presidential elections, and she managed to use every benefit of her position. But, nobody thought that this would happen. The interview with the writer and publisher Dolly Kyle shocked the country, and her book about Hillary is more popular than anything you will ever read.

In her book, Kyle reveals details about Hillary Clinton and her manipulative nature. This confirms her support for President Donald Trump. Let’s just say that she wrote a few truths about the failing Democratic candidate.

“I believe Hillary is cognitively impaired. I know that she’s been a pathological liar for 40 years, and she can’t tell the truth from fiction. Because she believes her own lies. The problem in Benghazi is one of these things. She cannot, she absolutely cannot function in an emergency situation, and she cannot properly plan for something,” Kyle explained.

Kyle used the book to reveal details about her sexual relationship with Bill. She also revealed a few dark details about Hillary, and her political career. According to her, these two are the worst politicians in US history.

What do you think about this story? Would you read the book? How will this affect Hillary’s political career?

(h/t Daily Mail)