Melania Trump Wears Perfect Ensemble

Melania Trump is an amazing first lady in every way you can imagine. She is doing an amazing job working for the people of American and has been doing it with nothing but class and dignity. Melania knows how to act when in front of the camera as she has been around the spotlight for a long time now. She worked hard in America to achieve her dream of being a super model. This was achieved and then she moved on to even better things. This is a big change from the previous administration who had no class and did not act in a presidential way. But it is a much needed change.

As you can see from her outfit here, she knows exactly how to dress for every occasion. We saw that this past week, the family and administration had been in Europe to go to the G20 Summit for leaders around the world. It went over very well with many things being talked about. Melania had a very important job while attending as well, even stepping in for President Trump on occasion. She got a chance to sit next to Russian President Vladimir Putin during the dinner. But the family is finally back in Washington DC.

Many times throughout her time in Hamburg, Germany, she ws required to stay in her hotel room because of the protests that we happening outside. The far left protesters were mad about the Trump administration’s attendance in the meetings. Well, get used to it because¬†they are not going anywhere. The administration prides themselves on working for the American people to the dismay of liberal around the world, apparently. There is absolutely no excuse for the way liberals have treated President Trump and his family

It seems like liberals could at least respect First Lady Melania. She has proven herself to be an effective host when it comes down to it. It is sad to see her treated with such animosity. She has been doing a great job making conservatives around the country proud once again. Hopefully she can continue on this path.

(h/t Vouge)