Obama Gets Back From Vacation To DC

Obama has done everything he can to hurt the nation. He and his administration were totally unfair to the country in the policies they tried to pass. They showed no feelings for Americans or their values. And it has not changed much since he left office, unfortunately. Obama is currently working towards destroying the Trump administration. He, with the left of his shadow government, are working diligently towards their only goal, and that is to be in power once again. We know that the Trump administration has been in Europe for the past week while attending the G20 Summit for world leaders.

It went over very well with everyone leaving pleased with their actions. Trump stood his ground perfectly and did not back down from anybody’s demands. He has been clear time and time again since taking office, he is working for the safety of the American people before everyone else. That means they have to be very careful with the deals that they make with other countries.

But it has been recently reported that Obama was in Europe during the same time as Trump. Presumable trying to disrupt the administration. This shows us how far (literally) he is willing to go to get in Trump’s way. Obama has come out many times saying that he will not talk bad about the current administration. But that is a lie, plain and simple and he has already broken that promise on numerous occasions.

It is illegal for Obama to be meeting with other foreign leaders, conspiring behind President Trump’s back. He fakes it like he is trying to raise money for his charity, but that is simply not the case. Now, Obama has been seen getting back to Washington DC the same day as Trump got back. A little odd or nothing more than coincidence? Obama is always up to something so we are going for the latter.

Obama needs to get out of the spotlight, which is obviously very hard for him and his family. They are an incredibly self absorbed family with nothing in common with the American people.

(h/t Washington Post)