Pope Francis Attacks Trump During Speech

President Donald Trump has been attacked pretty much nonstop since he took office. Liberals around the country use him as their punching bag. They think that since they got to sit through 8 years of Obama, their own the country now. Well, they were in for a pretty big wake up call as that is not how this is going to work. President Trump has been pretty good with the attacks that he has been receiving, considering how many he gets on a daily basis. He and his family are attacked constantly for no reason and it has to stop.

But there are a few people that you would think would never attack someone like a world leader. The Pope might come to mind as a pretty mild mannered individual. He seems pretty calm and collected at most times. But apparently he decided to take out some of his stored up anger on President Donald Trump and the country as a whole.

We know that Trump had been in Germany for the G20 Summit this last week. Overall, it went very well for him and his administration. They got to talk about many different things and worked out some issues at hand. But Pope Francis took the opportunity to attack Trump for not knowing what he is doing exactly.

“Last Thursday, I got a call from Pope Francis. It was about noon, and I was at the newspaper when my phone rang,” said Eugenio Scalfari, a reporter for La Repubblica.

“Pope Francis told me to be very concerned about the meeting of the G20,” he went on.

“I am afraid there are very dangerous alliances between powers who have a distorted view of the world: America and Russia, China and North Korea, Russia and Assad in the war in Syria,” Pope Francis said.

He goes on: “The danger concerns immigration. Our main and unfortunately growing problem in the world today is that of the poor, the weak, the excluded, which includes migrants. This is why the G20 worries me: It mainly hits immigrants.”

The Pope thinks that Trump and the United States has a distorted view on the world. We will see about that.

(h/t CNSNews)