President Trump Fires 548 VA Employees

Barack Obama didn’t even bother to improve the US Army. The former president neglected American soldiers, and never honored their families. We have never seen him introduce a major change, and improve the life of our heroes. Unlike him, President Donald Trump promised to change everything, including the US Army.

Americans are aware of the fact that Obama neglected and even abused the Department of Veterans Affairs. Many people consider him responsible for the deaths of many soldiers. We all remember the secret waiting lists, the endless bureaucratic red tape, and the scandal in with the HIV and hepatitis infections. As I may say, the VA was turned into a disgraceful mess.

But, President Donald Trump promised to handle the problem with care. He built his campaign on strong promises, and we have already seen him working on the problem with veterans. It’s about time that these people get the benefits they deserve. Heroes have made this country big, and President Trump will definitely find the best way to thank them. This will be a huge encouragement for everyone who serves this country.

Obama will hate the President’s ideas of building a strong army. Well, he is no longer our president, and Americans don’t really care about his opinion. President rump signed a new bill, and improved veterans’ choice in healthcare. That’s not all. According to the new Secretary of the Veterans Affairs, veterans will enjoy better quality of care.

Officials confirm that five hundred and forty-eight employees at the Department of Veterans Affairs were fired after President Trump took oath in office. This is part of the President’s plan to do a massive cleanup at “the most incompetently run agency in the United States.” President Trump was serious about the firing part, and we strongly support him.

The Department of Veterans Affairs published new information about the additional 200 VA employees who were suspended. Another 33 were demoted in the massive cleanup. The operation included 22 senior leaders, more than 70 nurses, 14 police officers, and 25 physicians.

What do you think about this? Do you support the President’s plan to clean up the Department of VA?

(h/t The Daily Caller)